Born in 1976 and of Punjabi heritage, Kal Sabir is the youngest of three, with an elder sister and brother being 16 and 19 years older respectively.

From a young age, Kal harboured a secret desire to be a screen actor through his love of escapist films. But, being a very shy kid, he took the scenic route to realizing his ambition by first studying Computer Science at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. He figured that if the acting didn’t work out, he would have a backup career.

Stage Debut

Whilst at university he joined Strathclyde Theatre Group which at the time was based at the Ramshorn Theatre in Glasgow. It was through this group’s mix of professional and semi-professional productions that he gained his first experience of being in front of a live audience.

His stage debut came in 2001 in a production of ‘The Offshore Island’ directed by Susan C. Triesman, in which he played Smithson, an American Communications Officer. Further theatre roles followed including parts in ‘Hamlet’, ‘Macbeth’, ‘The Seven Against Thebes’ and performances at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Drama School

Kal Sabir as Sgt Kane Ridge in 'Home is where...'

Kal Sabir as Sgt Kane Ridge in ‘Home is where…’

With stage experience and credits under his belt, including parts in short films and a featured role as a prehistoric tribesman in a Discovery Channel documentary titled ‘The Real Eve’ and narrated by Danny Glover, Kal Sabir auditioned for drama school.

He graduated from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama (now called the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland) in 2004, a school which has been the cradle of exceptional talent such as David Tennant, James McAvoy and Robert Carlyle.

Return to Acting

Since his return to the industry in 2015, Kal Sabir has been steadily re-building his career with theatre work including ‘Romeo & Juliet’ (Secret Studio Lab), ‘Home is where..’ (Hyphenated) and ‘Loyalty & Dissent’ (Tamasha Theatre Company).

With 2017 came his first break in television in an episode of a new crime show called ‘Armchair Detectives’ produced by Tiger Aspect. In the same year, he also secured his first role in a feature film – ‘Mary Queen of Scots’ directed by Josie Rourke and produced by Working Title Films.

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