Amaravati display screenshot.

Great Shrine of Amaravati

The Virtual Pilgrimage of India’s Great Shrine of Amaravati opens at the British Museum on 10 August 2017. The exhibition is in room 3 until 8 October 2017; entry is free. The Great Shrine was…

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Kal Sabir as manager at desk.

Skill Boosters Drama

Skill Boosters provide “Behaviour training for inclusive, productive and healthy workplaces”. Kal worked on their recent training drama about the process of disciplinary investigations within the workplace.  The internal video showed the stages leading up…

Kal Sabir in a car by Jaguar

Jaguar Land Rover

Kal spent a day of filming at the West London dealership of Jaguar Land Rover to be part of an internal training video. The film covered aspects of executive customer service principles. A team of…

ACS Internatianal School students

ACS International School

Kal had the pleasure of working again with director Amy Clare Tasker, writer Guleraana Mir and performer Sharlit Deyzac on a workshop for students at the ACS International School in Uxbridge. The workshop explored the…

Essex Police

Difficult Conversations

An internal training film by Essex Police TV Unit, explores taking responsibility as a manager and the need to have difficult conversations with staff. Inspector Wilson (Kal Sabir) must address a complaint made by PC…