sportsman running on the beach in TelAviv

Sponsor Kal for Jason

Kal is raising funds in memory of his friend Jason, who died while kayaking in the north of Scotland this year. Jason’s family were invited by the Fort William Police to Arisaig, the area where…

Jasmine and Raj


“Jasmine is the story of a shy Asian teenager, Sachin, who by day tries to live up to the exacting expectations of his ambitious parents but finds freedom and a truer sense of expression in…

'By the End of Us' by Block Stop

Summer Projects 2016

‘By the End of Us’ at Southwark Playhouse Opening next week on June 7, Kal will be appearing as journalist Harry Haldane in ‘By the End of Us‘ a live interactive game crafted by a…

The Security Guard

Game Over?

‘By the End of Us‘, a live video game by Block Stop, due to open at Theatre Delicatessen on April 8 has been postponed. Due to vital equipment being stolen from location, the April shows…

Mia the assassin in 'By the End of Us'/

By The End Of Us

‘By the End of Us’ is a show combining video games and theatre. Audience members are situated in a separate room, from where they direct decisions of the principle characters via a live audio link….

Essex Police

Difficult Conversations

An internal training film by Essex Police TV Unit, explores taking responsibility as a manager and the need to have difficult conversations with staff. Inspector Wilson (Kal Sabir) must address a complaint made by PC…

An actor walks alone in an empty theatre.

Going Solo

‘Bourbons and Custard Creams’, Kal’s first solo theatre show, will premiere on February 26th from 4pm at the Tristan Bates Theatre in London. It’s part of a showcase of ‘scratch’ performances produced by participants of…