The Laird of Ramorny – FAQs

Kal Sabir as The Laird of Ramorny (centre) in 'Mary Queen of Scots'
Left to right: Sir William Douglas (Adam Bond), The Laird of Ramorny (Kal Sabir), William Kirkcaldy of Grange (Euan McNaughton), in 'Mary Queen of Scots'.

There have been a number of questions asked on social media about Kal Sabir’s role as The Laird of Ramorny in ‘Mary Queen of Scots’.

Here are quick-fire answers about Kal’s role:

  1. Yes, he is in the film
  2. Yes, he is part of the cast
  3. Yes, he does have a credit
  4. Yes, it’s a non-speaking featured role
  5. No, he’s not an extra (see points 2 to 4)

In 2017, Kal Spent 5 weeks on the project, 3 weeks filming in Scotland (Aviemore and Blackness Castle) and 2 weeks at Pinewood Studios.

‘Mary Queen of Scots’ on general release now.

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