ACS Internatianal School students

ACS International School

Kal had the pleasure of working again with director Amy Clare Tasker, writer Guleraana Mir and performer Sharlit Deyzac on a workshop for students at the ACS International School in Uxbridge.

The workshop explored the concepts of identity, belonging and Third Culturism presented in ‘Home is where…’ at the Rich Mix in September 2nd, 2016.

Through theatre games, discussion and group work, the students were introduced to:

  • different dramatic techniques
  • exploring the idea of Third Culture
  • working together as a creative unit
  • understanding the importance of listening
  • how to hold interviews for verbatim theatre and what questions to ask

When it came to verbatim techniques, some of the students performed really well. After holding their own interviews with one another they presented the recordings to the whole class via Headphone Verbatim.

The performances were full of storytelling charisma and left the creative team wanting to hear more.

School website: ACS International School