'A Coincidental Engagement' crowdfunding image of a car in woodlands at night surrounded by smoke, with its lights turned on.

A Coincidental Engagement | Crowdfunding

The crowdfunding campaign is active for A Coincidental Engagement, a supernatural short set in an alternate reality.

The story is about Jack and Maddy who, after years of dealing with the dead, discover that their relationship is one foot in the grave.

The film is being produced by Restless Chimp Films, and has a fabulous cast on board, including award winning actress Vivien Taylor as Maddy, the talented Sani Mamood as Mr Burn, and Kal Sabir as Jack.

A fantastic private location in the Scottish countryside has also been secured.

It would be great to receive your support to help make the film a reality.

Perks start from £5.

Join the journey, support the film on IndieGoGo: https://igg.me/at/CoEngageFilm

If you can’t help financially, please share this post and the link to the crowdfunder.

Thank you for your time.