RCS Alumni Case Study

After seven years in the wilderness, returning to the industry in 2015 and moving to London, I didn’t expect to be back in my hometown of Glasgow.

Drama school seems like a lifetime ago, as does my previous life in London. Had it not been for the pandemic, I would still be living in and complaining about the Big Smoke.

But, things happen for a reason, and at other times they come full circle.

Almost twenty years ago I graduated from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama (as it was then called), got picked up by a prominent agent, moved to London, and then quickly became disillusioned.

In 2008 I left the industry, vowing never to return. Yet, here we are.

Far from a career-killer, being back in Scotland has presented new opportunities, not least my residency with the National Theatre of Scotland.

At the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year, I caught up with the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland at an Alumni event. They were quite interested in my journey and wanted to do an interview.

I accepted.

I’m honoured to be one of the RCS Alumni case studies.

Read the article: https://www.rcs.ac.uk/news/alumni_case_studies/kal-sabir/