Mia the assassin in 'By the End of Us'/

By The End Of Us

Mia the assassin in 'By the End of Us'/By the End of Us is a show combining video games and theatre.

Audience members sit in a separate room, where they direct the decisions of the principle characters via a live audio link.

Mia Culper is an assassin. Navigating her way through a series of underground chambers she must find and kill her target.

Prepped with a camera and microphone Mia live streams her journey to her Contact, who guides and advises her through the mission, ensuring she achieves her objective and stays in the shadows.

By the End of Us is a live video game with two experiences: Single Player and Multi Player.

Showing at the Southwark Playhouse from June 7 to 11: Book Now

Company website: Block Stop

[Image credit: BlockStop.co.uk]