The Wet Desert

The Wet Desert is a new play in development by playwright and poet George Gunn. It received a rehearsed reading at an Environmental Research Institute (ERI) conference in Caithness on October 27th, 2022. The play explores the impact of climate change on communities, the loss of a way of life, a disconnection with the past, […]


After endless lockdowns, it was amazing to be back in a creative space with Ed Littlewood Productions for a rehearsed reading of┬áMirandolina, an adaptation by Tony Cownie and Taqi Nazeer of Goldini’s masterpiece. It is a modern British/Asian version of the comedy, and supported by the National Theatre of Scotland and the Royal Lyceum Theatre. […]

Goodbye Glass Roots

Glass Roots by Alexander Matthews completed its 4 week European Premiere at the Tristan Bates in London on March 24th. Exploring the issues of racism and class during the tumultuous seventies, the show received positive feedback from audiences. The strong performances were praised by reviewers and there were calls for a potential tour. The cast: […]

Glass Roots

Kal will be starting rehearsals soon for Glass Roots, a play by Alexander Matthews. It will run from February 28th until March 24th at the Tristan Bates Theatre in London. Glass Roots explores racism during the 1970s. It is characterised by a specific type of bullying which goes unpunished as it dances near the boundary […]

Loyalty & Dissent

On March 31, Kal performed with a talented group of actors on a project for Tamasha Theatre company called Loyalty & Dissent. A collaboration with the National Archives based in Kew Gardens, Loyalty & Dissent presented five new short plays about the experiences of South Asians during the First World War. The material and characters […]

Home is Where…

Set in a dystopian future where a far-right government has outlawed all immigration, Home is where… tells the story of a small band of misfits who form a Resistance to unite the people and overthrow the Establishment. Born in Devoted & Disgruntled and developed by the creative team of Hyphenated, Home is where… had it’s […]

Game Over?

By the End of Us, a live video game by Block Stop, due to open at Theatre Delicatessen on April 8 has been postponed. Due to vital equipment being stolen from location, the April shows have been cancelled. Alternative options have been considered, but the limited timescale has been a deciding factor. By the End […]

By The End Of Us

By the End of Us is a show combining video games and theatre. Audience members sit in a separate room, where they direct the decisions of the principle characters via a live audio link. Mia Culper is an assassin. Navigating her way through a series of underground chambers she must find and kill her target. […]

Romeo & Juliet

Well, now that the secret is out and the run ended on September 1st, the name of Secret Theatre London‘s secret show can be revealed: Romeo & Juliet. Set on London City Island, Shakespeare’s tragic story of love was brought into 21st Century East London, with the Capulets represented by a wealthy Muslim family and […]

The Ching Room

The Ching Room is Alan Bissett‘s compelling debut play, set entirely in a nightclub toilet. Presented by Theatre Revolution, Rory realises he is out of his depth once he becomes trapped by the terrifying and enigmatic drug-dealer, Darren. Directed by Iain McAleese, rehearsals began in December 2014, with a first showing in early March 2015. […]